In-Depth Review of Gold Ahoy Online Slot

One can hardly think of chests of gold without also thinking of scurvy sea pirates, and the Gold Ahoy slot game has both in spades. Seeming to take its inspiration from the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Gold Ahoy transports players to a land of tropical islands, cutlasses, and cannon fights. It’s a well chosen theme, and one that makes the game almost instantly appealing. Each symbol is animated for maximum entertainment value, and each spin of the reels is accompanied by suitably piratey music. So the theme certainly works, but what about the game play department?

Gold Ahoy may not be the most innovative game around, but it certainly goes the whole nine yards as far as bonus mini-games are concerned. From an astonishing 30 free spins scatter jackpot, to rifling through mysterious chests of gold, the player is sure in for an interesting ride. Best of all, you wont be going long without hearing a pirate exclaiming ‘Yar!’ which is the cherry on top of every pirate themed cake.

Game Play Design

Using a 5 reel system with an adjustable 25 betting lines, gold Ahoy immediately declares itself as a strategic slot game, as apposed to a spectacle slot game. The player has a good deal of control over how events proceed, which is great news for those who like to approach a slot game strategically. Plus, with two enticing bonus systems available, every trip into Gold Ahoy promises to be an eventful one.

The pirate ship is the most valuable icon in the game, and players will want to keep their eyes, both of them, open, to achieve as many pirate ship matches as possible. The eye patch wearing pirate won’t be keeping both his eyes open, but he will be acting as a wild symbol, matching with all other symbols to achieve winning sequences. The Jolly Roger flag is the second most valuable icon, followed by the cutlass and message in a bottle. But let’s get to the part where players can get their hands into some chests of treasure.

Pirate Style Booty

The first bonus symbol to look out for is the treasure map. Matching this symbol can grant up to 30 free spins, with an amazing 4X multiplied attached. That is some serious pirate booty! And if that wasn’t enough, there is a second bonus game revolving around chests of gold.

The second bonus symbol is the infamous chest of gold, and upon matching it a mini-game will be triggered. The player will be asked to select a treasure chest from a choice of 3. Each chest will have a bonus prize inside, but only one will have the mega-jackpot, which is enough to get anyone crying ‘Yar!’ at the top of their lungs. Remember that in Gold Ahoy the wild symbol does not match with either of the 2 bonus symbols, which must be matched only with themselves in order to be triggered. A more detailed look at the game rules are available via the information button.


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