What Are Online Bonuses?

Australia has a massive online gambling community, so much so that they find themselves being targeted from overseas companies with specific promotions and offers. One such method is for the companies to offer players bonuses which is a good way to attract new members for these companies. Because the industry is so competitive, players find themselves spoilt for choice with a plethora of options being available to them at any given moment and with new schemes being implemented to help attract them.

By far the most common and attractive form of bonus is the now common no deposit bonus that are also coupled with reward schemes that will benefit players after a certain amount has been accrued.

Luckily players need not be loyal to only one online gambling site and are encouraged instead to search for as many good offers as they can. This is the only good way to increase the odds of winning real money by joining up with different providers. The vast majority of online casinos will offer you a 100% bonus, which means that if you deposit $ 50 then your balance will rocket up to double the amount, being $ 100.

You will not be able to withdraw this immediately however, which is why players must ensure that they are aware of what the minimum playing requirement is before they can withdraw. Some casinos also call this a wagering requirement but the terminology means the same thing, but nevertheless is why you must always read the terms and conditions of a casino before you take the plunge.

This is especially important when you consider that most of the requirements will be very strict. For instance, if a casino has a requirement that the player must at least wager a 10 times the amount of their initial deposit plus the, then in our $ 100 example you will have to have at least wagered $ 1000 before being allowed to withdraw any funds.

If the casino does allow you to withdraw your funds early then you will forfeit any bonuses and may face some additional penalties, but these would have been outlined in the term and conditions so the player can decide if they think that it is worth it.

How To Find The Best Bonuses

In the early days it was quite easy for a player to sign up to a casino and then withdraw real cash after meeting the minimum play requirements, which would usually only be a few hours-worth. They would then take the winnings plus the bonus that they were given and then move on to the next company, and continue on and on while making some easy money. Although this has been largely dealt with by imposing additional conditions before being allowed to withdraw, it is still very possible to look around and try to take away some decent winnings.

Some people swear by blackjack as a means of getting in and out quickly with the bonuses intact. This requires the player to be familiar with the rules of the games and how to maximise their chances of winning their allotted hands. But it would be a good idea to research before you commit to a specific game type. Searching online and reading through forums and blogs are some good sources of info and will offer some solid first-hand experience for you to build your campaign upon.

For instance, if black jack is your game then these basics will take you a long way in trying to understand fundamentals such as knowing when to stand, hit and split your hand. While playing this way it is important to double your bet each time that you lose. Most casinos will limit how many times you can do this so check before giving it a go.

Depending on your skill level, poker can also offer a similar opportunity to make some good cash. Although nobody can ever guarantee a win in such games there are definitely some methods that can be employed to allow for the player to win more often than not. Having a good bluffing strategy is seen as a highly effective method and is often used even at the highest levels of the game as seen on televised tournaments.

Common Deposit Types

As mentioned before, Australia has a huge player base to draw from, which means that there are thousands of people that need to place funds into the casino of their choice before they can start playing for real money. We’ll take a look at the most obvious methods employed by players and see what works best for the majority.

The most common method is with the trusty old credit card. Players will be directed to a secure payment portal and their card details will need to be entered in. It is always best to ascertain the validity of such portals and sites before entering in your details to be sure that unscrupulous individuals do not intercept your communications and then abuse your accounts. This can be done by ensuring that your internet browser is fully up to date and that the site or portal has a valid SSL certificate. The certificate ensures that you have legitimate communications with the browser and not with somebody else that might have intercepted your session.

Paypal is another solid option that shields you from the scenario outlined above. This is because you can transfer funds from your bank account or credit card into your Paypal account which will offer a ceiling of how much can be withdrawn from it. Added to this is the fact that Paypal offers legendary security features with each transaction having a randomly generated 4 digit pin that is only available to the recipient of the transaction.

There are many more examples specific to Australia so all you need to do is look around at what fellow players recommend and see which is the most popular. So you’ll be up and running in no time if you follow our brief guide.


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