What are the Biggest Pokies Wins Ever

In New Zealand and Australia a slot machine is called a pokie and is derived from the word poker machine and from then it has evolved into pokie.  Pokie machines can be found in casinos and clubs and can now be played online where it is possible to have the biggest pokies wins ever.

In order for players to have the chance of the biggest pokies wins ever it is important to understand how the house edge works and how to get the best out of a payout as well as sticking to a budget.  Playing pokies is great as there is no real strategy involved, but understanding how the game works will increase the chances of the biggest pokies wins ever.

Play Pokies for Free

A great way to ensure the biggest pokies wins ever is to play online using the demo mode option.  This option allows players to try out different gaming strategies. An example of this would be to use different betting options to see which option yields the best results.  Playing pokies online also allows players to try out the gamble feature and most pokies games will let players practice this feature even when using the free versions.

Playing in demo mode also lets players try out a variety of pokies letting them choose the best game and the one they enjoy best.  Playing a game that is enjoyable will also increase the chances of the biggest pokies wins ever.  Playing for free means that players do not have to wager any real cash, but play with demo credits, which makes it a risk free option.

Betting the Max Bet

The main reason why many people play pokies is the chance of winning the jackpot.  For most pokies the only way to win the jackpot and the biggest pokies wins ever is to bet the maximum amount of coins.  If players are playing pokies that for example have a payout of 500 for 1 coin, 1000 for 2 coins, 1500 for 3 coins, 2000 for 4 coins and 4000 for 5 coins, the jackpot will increase considerably when playing using the maximum bet.  By betting the max bet players can increase the payout percentage compared to the other wagers.  The best strategy to use in this case is to make the maximum bet.

When playing pokies at the casinos the best way to place the max wager is to use coins of a lower denomination.  Of course, each pokies game will differ and players must do the calculations before making any bet.  Being realistic is also the key to the biggest pokies wins ever and not all players can afford to place the maximum bet, and it is always best to stick to the budget as winning the jackpot is not the only way to win.

Activate the Maximum Paylines

Another way of winning the biggest pokies wins ever is to play the maximum paylines.  By activating all of the paylines the chances of winning are significantly increased. It is advisable to rather use a lower coin denomination and activate all of the paylines. Pokies that make use of the higher denominations will have a higher payout percentage, but for players that are not high rollers this is a risk. The house will always have the advantage and it is rather best to play knowing there is a chance of losing rather than risking large amounts of money and losing.

Playing pokies is a game of chance, but there are a few strategies that could help players achieve the biggest pokies wins ever.


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