Red Dog

The Card Placement Betting Game Red Dog

This is something entirely different and yet along the same lines of slot games. The name of this game is Red Dog and it is a video card game that has drawn inspiration from games against the dealer like Blackjack as well as inspiration from the gamble feature from some online slot games as this game is ultimately played similar to both.

Otherwise this effective video card game at River Belle Casino has a decent presentation, the visuals are pleasing and the odds can make for some tidy wins. Additionally this is a very easy to learn casino game, so even new players can just jump right into the action. Overall this is something unique from the Netent developers group and is worth a couple of entertaining turns to check out.

The Layout and How to Play

The name of this video card game variation is Red Dog and the fundamental objective is to bet on whether a randomly assigned face down card is between two other random face up cards, effectively betting on the odds that the hidden card will be within the range of ranks produced by the two side cards. This means that the game has a card rank, that of the standard card values with Ace being lowest and King highest.

The players first place their bets on the game and are then dealt 3 cards in this game, which are laid in a row before the players. The side cards are face up when dealt out and the middle card face down. This allows for another round of betting as players now have all the information they will get before the cards are revealed and the bet realised.

The odds available at this stage are essentially the different available pay outs in this odd slot like game, with the bet available being on whether the hidden card lies within this range set out by the two side cards. The odds available to the players of course vary on how small the available range is between the 2 visible cards. If the range is a single card difference the return is 5 to 1, 4 to 1 for a 2 card spread and 2 to 1 odds on a inner range of 3 cards. Red Dog pays even money for spreads between 4 and 11, in other words the remaining possible range. There is also an additional winning condition, if players get a 3 of kind combination with the cards, all the same value, then this game pay out at 11 to 1.

Players and dealers tie if the two face up cards are either the same or in consecutive order and then offer no spread. If it’s the former possibility, that of a double, then players have the option to risk it and go for the triple and 11 to 1 odds.

Gameplay and Betting in Red Dog Game

So playing the game is fairly straightforward, but so is the general setup and Betting situation. Like a slot game the options for these possibilities are arranged around the screen, so players need only to set their initial wager from a decent range to start playing for free or real money wins. Overall the gameplay throughout Red Dog is comprehensible and easily tracked and so allows players to simply experience this change up in regular slot gameplay.

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